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What makes up one’s inner strength?

If you have enough time to look back on your crucial life transitions, you quickly recognize that

  • You learned many things about Life by modeling. Your role models like your father and mother highly affected you in your early stages.
  • You continuously learned to properly behave towards people around you with great moral lessons from teachers like Being Honest, Caring for others, Making New Friends, Dealing with Opposite Opinions, etc…
  • And you are supposed to keep learning not only general knowledge but also professional one and various soft skills, and life skills from the ones you’ve met in your lifetime.

However, have you ever wondered when you stopped and built up your inner strength? What truly contributes to your inner strength? and How can you successfully build up your real inner strength?


Inner Strength is not a new topic or term that you can hear nowadays. However, it doesn’t mean that all of us have been properly interacting with this word as we expected.  Some of us might be using it as a norm when it comes to the topic of Personal Effectiveness and  Development; or as a cliché because we catch people repeating using it so much in daily life.

What is Inner Strength?

First of all, Inner Strength can be interpreted as the resilience that enables people to cope with hardship and challenges of any kind in their lives. It is not definitely inborn strength, and it requires us a great investment of blood and tears to build up, develop and maintain the strength over time. It doesn’t guarantee that all people in the world might possess their own inner strength, but when someone has it, they can be powerful!

What makes one’s Inner Strength?

You might find different opinions about inner strength on the internet and from experts. Do not panic when seeing things are not the same, remember to perceive the core of the theories or sharing, and then seriously contemplate the pattern of forming Inner Strength on your own.

Here below is the pattern I deduced by myself.

  • Self-awareness: the ability to know all possible perspectives of yours including personality traits, feelings and emotions, thinking, and viewpoints.
  • Courage: the ability to deal with fears and play with “luck” and “risk”.
  • Social Support: the ability to build up a network of family, friends, and counterparts.
  • Welcome Attitude: the ability to be open or accept new experiences and ideas.
  • Perseverance: the ability to finish what you started or prevent disruptions as much as possible.

What are the prices that humans are paying when they are not with their Inner Strength? 

Before explaining things in detail, you are highly supposed to recognize the commonly seen failures of human revolving around “Inner Strength” in daily life.

  1. People are struggling with their lives because they do not know what they truly want or look for.
  2. People are getting fed up with themselves because they have been programmed since they were a child. Actually, they have no idea about their existence in this world.
  3. People give up on development or thriving because they are not brave enough to step out of their comfort zones. Additionally, there is a majority of modern people pursuing things that generate immediate outcomes with no or fewer risks or effort. Their belief may be “The Quicker, The Merrier”.
  4. People overestimate their self-power, they strongly believe that they are the best and somehow underestimate others. They do not really bond with others in life. Most of the time, people are meant to follow them instead.
  5. People seem conservative and find it hard to welcome new things in life. Every time they cope with changes, they deal with them as the end of the world.
  6. People have a great start and good initiative motivation, but gradually lose their patience and forget their ulterior motives. As a result, their projects are often half-completed.

According to the aforementioned problems, you can learn that Resilience or Inner Strength cannot be acquired within a day and a night. It must take more time and effort.

Also, you need to be super awake to open the right door and then start the Inner-Strength Making Process for yourself. And the “Right” key is “Self-awareness”.

Why can “Self Awareness” make the great beginning of your better life story?

There is a belief that Seeing yourself through can help you lead an easy life and harvest real wisdom.

Indeed, Self-awareness is not simply an action or skill. In fact, it is an indispensable competence. Breaking it into smaller pieces probably consumes a lot of time and effort. However, let’s figure out why it is considered the key factor contributing to the Inner-Strength Making Process.

Self-awareness seems highly affect other factors listed in the pentagon above. Once humans recognize all the aspects of themselves like expertise, weaknesses, limitations, and hidden corners, they can nurture the “right” motivation to step out of their comfort zone, build up and maintain connections with people around them, adjust their attitudes to encounter daily events and occurrences, and finally keep themselves patiently sticking to their goals.

You can tell that the first stepping stone is always the hardest one. Your true wisdom must come from what is called “Your True Self”.

Here below is the anatomy of Self-Awareness.

To easily imagine and visualize “Self-awareness”, you can divide it into 3 parts including:

  • Knowledge indicates how well you are aware of things surrounding you. From the knowledge you have been accumulating,  your mindset is gradually formed and developed.
  • Feelings reflect what your viewpoints are. The more you understand the world, the clearer your feelings will be. The intensity of your feelings can be measured by how effectively you apply your knowledge to practice.
  • Behaviors are the results of the two elements above. They are very tangible and highly affect other factors in the Inner-Strength Making Process.

How can a person boost his or her self-awareness?

  1. Never assume that you are the best or know everything. Even things that you already learned and knew still cover something you cannot figure out. Learn – Unlearn – Relearn is the magical spell you can use to serve yourself in this situation.
  2. Give yourself more opportunities to have greater exposure in life.
  3. Stop to observe or get feedback on your behaviors

Great things rarely come to you without training or hardship. Self-awareness is the heart of your Inner Strength. Let’s do and get it!


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