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What is the Core of Communication?

“The art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard”

– William Hazlitt –


As an instructor and manager for years, I had great opportunities to meet hundreds of learners, colleagues, staff, partners, and the ones having high social standing. Each of them definitely helped me build up the big picture of Communication; also Analyze it to see the Necessary and Sufficient Influences in a typical conversation with a different audience and different purposes.

Communication is easier said than done. Why?

Firstly, I’d like to share some common sayings you can easily find when talking to people surrounding you

  • I am looking for a working environment where I can develop my communication skills.
  • I do want to improve my communication skills.
  • I suppose that you should better your communication skills.

When I catch those sayings, it dawns on me that if somebody is suffering from difficulty speaking or what his or her communication problems are exactly.

Those issues deeply haunted me for years. I bought books related to Communication Tips as well as Negotiations with the hope of finding the root causes and radical solutions to the problems.

Later I had a chance to read further on the stages of cognitive development and some theories in Business and Business Communication. I luckily found the connection between those separate things and then mixed and matched the features and behaviors mentioned in the theories I read day and night. As a result, I came up with my matrix called  Communication Model.

Fig. Communication Model

This model can explain further on:

  1. Where you are in the process of developing your communication skills
  2. What you must contribute to your communication skills
  3. How you can follow, double check and adjust to get a better version of yourself day by day

Now, try to read the matrix and answer the key questions below:

  1. What are the contributions you need in case you want to develop your communication skills?
  2. How many levels of communication can you find in the matrix?
  3. Can you make any guesses on each level of communication in the matrix?
  4. Can you recognize the details of contributing elements of communication development?
  5. Can you spot things you need to improve or learn so that you can better your communication skills in the coming time?

“Review is essential to evaluation, which is essential to progress.”
– Melissa Steginus –

Once you have something in your mind in terms of “Upgrading Your Communication Skills”, you are supposed to learn how to manage your performance during the entire process.

Read the descriptions below and match them with the correct levels

Please keep in mind the features of each communication level. If you want to upgrade your skills, prepare yourself to acquire and deliver those features effectively.


There is no doubt that you used to be told about the term of F.A.B once in your life.  If not,  I bet that you used to wonder why people mention good things or bad things that a product can do or bring to its potential customers in advertising. It is done with clear and certain intentions and purposes. In business, it is called F.A.B StatementsThe Magic Spells of Sales.

Anyway, let me tell you what F.A.B stands for

  1. F stands for Features
  2. A stands for Advantages
  3. B stands for Benefits

The 3 elements play an important in the messages delivered to your audience or listeners. You can tell that:

  1. Features indicate all the technical specifications of a product
  2. Advantages demonstrate what the features can do or work for you
  3. Benefits refer to “Real Solutions” that Advantages bring to customers/ consumers to solve their current Problems

In case, you want to empower your messages; you are supposed to think carefully about what Features, Advantages and Benefits you can bring to your audience. If not, your messages will be such a failure.

Let’s check the example below

In fact, not only can you apply for the products you are selling but also you can do it to promote yourself as well. Don’t forget that you are still a product in a labor force market.

When you set a goal of Bettering your Communication Skills, keep in mind that it is such a long journey requiring much effort and hard work.  Do not give up until you can “touch” your wanted results.

Written by: Derek Nguyen

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