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The Magical Presence of “Icebergism”

Iceberg seems to iconize or symbolize the mysterious things in life since Iceberg comprises 2 parts the visible and the hidden ones. As usual, people are allured to what they can see instead of what they cannot. If you have read or experienced enough in life, you will be able to see the presence of “Icebergism” in most of the perspectives.

TRUTH 1 | The Shallowness of Seeking Success

First, I would like to share the “Nitty-Gritty” below with you before drilling down to details for explanations.


As you can see, most of the time we just care about and easily manage to see the visible success of somebody. And then we nourish a terrible hunger for that success without considering twice. With that approach, you will put yourself into a trap called “Success Illusion” and find it hard to escape from its glory and start making it come true for yourself.

Now I would like you to look back at the ice-berg and then ask yourself the questions below

  1. Focus on the Visible Success and answer the question – Is this really what you want?

  2. Move your eyes down to the sacrifices they made and find out the answers to the questions – Can you figure out what could be behind the scenes? Can you manage to accept them all?

If you have a chance to sit down and seriously contemplate what could be ” the sacrifices they made”, you might interpret them as:

  • being invisible for such a long time
  • being underestimated or looked down on their way to the current success
  • many sleepless nights
  • being labeled or called a weird or crazy person
  • and such dismal, costly, lamentable, or ignominious failures

It is unnecessary to explain too much when you aim at any success or achievement for your future. The only path you have to go through is to be well prepared for all potential UNCERTAINTIES. Instead of paying too much attention to the visible glory or success, you had better learn the details of sacrifices you might make along the way. It’s all about the “Iceberg” of Success and Achievements.


TRUTH 2 | The Iceberg theory of Improving Your Intellectual Wellness

It is said that Intellectual well-being is as important as Physical well-being since it helps keep your mind flexible, informed, and engaged. According to a definition of Intellectual Wellness on Daily Mom, you can see Intellectual Wellness as a person’s ability to engage in mentally-stimulating activities to expand their knowledge. It is not just about what someone learns in school and it has nothing to do with a person’s IQ score. It includes all of a person’s knowledge – book smarts, street smarts, social skills, personal interests and hobbies, community involvement, and cultural knowledge. All of that contributes to a person’s intellectual wellness. So, what can we do with the iceberg theory to improve our intellectual wellness?

The image of the Iceberg is so powerful that it can play well the role of the best reminder when you approach anything in your life to better your book smarts, street smarts, social skills, or anything else on earth.

  • The Visible Part of the Iceberg refers to what you are basically trained or learned. You can find it easy to approach and physically explore. It can be known as Factual Knowledge, Procedural, or even Conceptual Knowledge.
  • The Need-to-Explore Part of the Iceberg belongs to the hidden part of the iceberg. It covers all the mentally-stimulating activities that can help expand your existing knowledge and then yield Metacognitive Knowledge

According to science, Curiosity is the right catalyst to trigger and better one’s Intellectual Wellness. If you use the image of an iceberg to illustrate the catalyst in this case, the Need-to-Explore represents the right Curiosity you should have. It means that you are meant to seriously and detailedly explore things you encounter, theories you learn, and people you meet at work or in life. Anyway, how you know that you are nourishing the right curiosity which contributes to “Effective Metacognitive Knowledge” might be the Great Concern. Let’s look back on the questions you ask yourself while exploring something, which might reflect how deeply you understand something or somebody.

  • if you touch something on the surface, the questions you ask are merely about:
    • What is it?
    • What is it for?
    • How many steps/ perspectives/ elements are there?
    • What should I do to get it?
    • What could be the result I get after implementing it?
  • if you spend more effort to go deeper into or exploit something, the questions might be a bit different. They seem to revolve around uncovering or unmasking the insights instead of the surface of the problem only.
    • What are the connections between Who, Why, How, and What of it?
    • Is there any relevance between it and the existing theories I knew or need to further explore?
    • What happens when I implement it in different scenarios which are different from what I learned?
    • Is there any opposite way of thinking about it?

You might make more and more questions so that the insight into your problem or your target person gradually appears. At that time, your metacognitive knowledge of something or somebody can be successfully built or made. The entire process might take you a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, and even a few months or years. In return, it will become your solid understanding of things and the people around you.

Living in a world that develops every single second, you cannot avoid or run away from ” making yourself think harder and harder”. Also, if you just stop at touching things on the surface, you will be left behind with the new technology of ChatGPT which has become “the talk of the town” recently.

Please bear in mind that no matter how the technology develops, the only way to defeat robotic intelligence is to keep nourishing and enhancing your intellectual wellness. How to do it? I reckon that you already got the answer. Take it or leave it is your choice – my friends!

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