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It is not too difficult to find the meanings of the word – Promote. This word has primary and contextual meanings that you can find in a dictionary.

  • (1) Promote [v]: to help sell a product, service, etc., or make it more popular by advertising it or offering it at a special price
  • (2) Promote [v]: to help something to happen or develop
  • (3) Promote [v]: to move somebody to a higher rank or more senior job

Even though the meaning of this word might change a bit depending on certain contexts, the key point that I want to mention is its Insight. Personally, I see 2 other words hidden behind the word “Promote”. What are they? Why are they so important to achieve in real life?


Normally, people misunderstand the meaning of Marketing because they are bombarded with TV Commercials, catalogs, emails, and sales offerings every day. They somehow see Marketing as Advertising and Selling Activities.

Based on the Principles of Marketing written by Philip Kotler, he stated that selling and advertising are the tips of the marketing iceberg. What do I mean?

If you see marketing in that way, you will waste money and time to influence and convince others. To make it right, you should remember that Marketing is a process of engaging customers, building strong customer relationships, and creating customer value to capture value from customers in return (Definition derived from the book – The Principles of Marketing).

The process of Creating and Capturing Customer Value consists of 5 steps  including

(1) Understanding the marketplace and customer needs and wants

(2) Designing a customer value-driven marketing strategy

(3) Constructing an integrated marketing program that delivers superior value

(4) Engaging customers, building  profitable relationships, and creating customer delight

(5) Capturing value from customers to create profits and customer equity

(Source: The Principles of Marketing 17th Edition, Philip Kotler – Gary Amstrong)

When you reach this line, I bet that you understand the core of my message. And if you want to try, let’s think about how to market yourself in the workplace so that you can get promoted.

Your workplace in particular and your industry in general are your market. In that marketplace, you are the product. And first of all, remember that you should meticulously clarify the 3 terms below by yourself when you enter any new workplace.

  • When you meet the NEEDS of your boss, You can guarantee the results of the position you are undertaking
  • When you meet the WANTS of your boss, You can understand and adapt to his or her culture or style.
  • When you meet the DEMANDS of your boss, You can prove your performance including Results and Cultural Adaptation to get paid.

Therefore, never think that you are excellent in one market and then you will be also excellent in another market; or you can guarantee the results and then you are allowed to not care about the cultures in your workplace.

Do not blame that you are doing good things but people did not acknowledge them. The reason might be that you are doing good things, but in that place, they do not request those. (Good Effort in a Wrong Market) . 


Why don’t I mention or explain NEEDs in this blog? You cannot touch anyone in your market if you cannot guarantee your job results which are done with your knowledge and skills. It means that without qualifications you cannot stay in the market.

Honestly, it’s not my focus to share in this writing.  Let’s concentrate on WANTS and DEMANDS. To transform WANTS to DEMANDS takes you much time to accomplish that process. However, the key to the process is to recognize the touch points along the Decision-Making Journey of your consumers.

The journey starts with a deep understanding of your consumer cultures, then select what your consumers should know about your products (Benefits-focused, not Features-focused). Besides, you are supposed to run and take part in many activities to make them notice, consider, search, and learn about your products. You cannot hide your products in a secret corner and let them find the products by themselves. The more you can touch your potential or target consumers, the more they trust your products and the better the customer relationship will be.

Once your consumers agree to pay to try your products, you are supposed to do more to prove the quality that you already advertised. Make them 100% satisfied and get engaged with your products more and more. Remember loyalty just exists when there are perceived usefulness and satisfaction. You can guess what will happen next when you get loyalty from your consumers. They will be your promoter. They can prove your quality and do more than what you can do by yourself. Advocate is the result of the whole process that you ever expect.

Based on the Marketing Theory, you can somehow link it to your real life in which you are a product. Likewise, you are supposed to do BETTER and MORE to activate and optimize the effect of each touch point you have with your colleagues and managers.

Keep in mind that people approach you and maintain the interaction with you because they recognize that you can do BETTER and MORE for something. If you do not know how to promote these 2 elements at your workplace, you will lose the game.

I bet that the question you will ask me is “What about the compensation and benefits?”. I will not answer the question; instead, I just ask you back a question – “Will you promote a product in a market where there is no buying power?”

Marketing or Life is so interesting. Seeing the way big brands are doing marketing makes me think so hard about how I market “Myself”.

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