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The Enchantment of Just In Time

It has been 3 months since the day I started my MBA program. Throughout the 3 months of hardship to set up the first stepping stones to go further in my career, I learned many precious lessons and accumulated much experience in Personal Effectiveness and Development.

When it comes to Personal Effectiveness and Development, people often associate it with Time Management, Task Management, People Management, and Emotional Intelligence. Indeed, it is not incorrect, but it is not enough. If you are seeing things in that way, it will bring you tons of challenges to solve along your journey to Success or Development.

I still remember the day I started researching this topic, I had a splitting headache because I couldn’t figure out how complicated it was. Hundreds of theorists, psychologists, and researchers have worked on it days and nights. And I asked myself if I still followed their footsteps, I would be one of them. It’s good, isn’t it? When you have their mindset, commitment, and passion, you can bring many things to the light. And I definitely will do it.

At the same time, I wonder how I can help people surrounding me to better their lives and better themselves simultaneously; I do not hope that they have to wait until the day  I become a master. Since nothing is absolute, I do not need to wait for that day. The most important thing I need to guarantee is to make everything “Just in Time”.

Every time you have a thought that you need to improve yourself, you can start the journey with the accurate definition of your wanted version in your target or potential consumer minds. Why do I say that? Let’s explain and explore the implications of Supply Chain Management in Daily Life Contexts.

Why is “Supply Chain Management”?

Firstly, I would like you to think about the reason why you force yourself to be diligent, hardworking, and better day by day. Is it just for fun?

Obviously, we are now living in the era of IR 4.0 (Industrial Revolution 4.0), and the world has become “flat”. It means that fewer barriers and more connectivities are being made between 2 people, 2 companies, and even 2 nations sharing different geographical conditions.  It implies that your potential market can be broader than you thought or expected. The road to Global Citizen is possible compared to years ago. However, things will become true if you know how to construct your “product or services” properly.

If you see yourself as a product circulated in the market, you definitely will highly focus on your suppliers, your manufacturing process, your inventory, your transportation, your distribution channels, and your marketing services.

To make it clearer, I will you an example. You now really want to head toward another country to work and live there. You cannot just simply buy a plane ticket, apply for a visa, and then you can go there and work. Is it right? No company recruits employees like that because of legal, social, and economic barriers, etc….

It takes much time for one person to penetrate or change his or her labor market. To make it come true, he or she needs to understand the macro environment and micro-environment as well. Then, he or she is supposed to equip himself or herself with the right qualifications to prove his or her service values to the consumers in that market. That job is considered as Science and Art of transforming oneself into a new labor market.

Therefore, your educational background, employment history, mindset, and achievements throughout the time you have been existing in the market will count when your consumers consider you. Also, keep in mind that the saying “Good Wine needs no bush” is not 100% correct nowadays. You are highly supposed to appear on social media more and more e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… Those platforms will bring you closer to your target or potential consumers. Do not forget to build up your distribution channels – how your consumers can get your products or services.

If you manage everything in your supply chain well, you might be able to increase your brand imagery and values in the market you want.

Just. In. Time Means Everything to All Invested Effort!

“Not too soon, Not too late, Just in Time…” is the magic spell when you expect your product or service to be the most valuable item in your consumers’ eyes.

According to the experts, there is a formula that you might apply to your daily operation activities.

Based on the formula above, you can recognize the 7Rs included. Each “R” will contribute a certain percentage to the Profit you are expecting to achieve. First and foremost, the “Right Consumer” is the Ultimate key. You cannot go further if you are serving the wrong consumers because they never be able to realize your product or service’s true values.

From the Right Consumer, you have to learn what product or service to provide, when to provide, where to provide, how much to charge, how many to give, and what requirements to commit.

J.I.T (Just In Time) is not only science but also art since it requires more than what you have at the moment. Experiences, Experience, Considerations, and Innermost Thoughts will be indispensable ingredients in this case.

Remember that when you bring a cup of enough purified water to a person thirsty for refreshing water is more appreciating than bringing it to that person after his or her thirst quenches.

Design your actions seems to be more important than you thought! Right?

Knowing how to construct “Yourself” and make it “Profitable and Beneficial” based on the demands of the market you aim at is the necessary condition, but Design “JIT” touch points will be a sufficient condition of yours.

A matchstick will make a big difference when it appears with its “Rights”!

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