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PHU QUOC – The Wonderland Of Slow-Living Souls

“Born and grew up in Phu Quoc – the largest island in Vietnam with a total area of 574 km2 (222 sq mi) and a permanent population of approximately 179,480 people; I cannot forget the simplicity of the people and the peaceful atmosphere when I have to be away from my motherland for earning a living and studying. Phu Quoc – The Pearl of Vietnam Tourism.”

This time I came back to my hometown on vacation from college. When I put the very first steps at Phu Quoc Airport, I can taste right away the salty sea in the air, I can hear the waves kissing the shore, and I can feel the peace in every breath of mine. Welcome home – Truc Xinh!

On the way home from the airport, watching the people passing by and the city on the two sides, my old memories strongly resurged. I still remembered the carefree days with my fellows; we wandered around Phu Quoc, tasting the specialties, enjoying the beautifully natural scenes, and living a joyful and full childhood.

At the bottom of my heart, there is no sunrise or sunset more beautiful than the one in Phu Quoc. It is hard for me to detail what they look like, it might be that I’ve saved my entire heart for Phu Quoc already!

Phu Quoc itself has experienced a quite rich history throughout time. There have been many ups and downs with the local people here. The past is the past; what haven gone should be let go off. We – the modern people- should maintain and keep the the natural beauty of Phu Quoc and spread it the whole world!

During a few-day vacation of mine, I decided to be a “real” tourist so that I can feel Phu Quoc in another way that I have never done before.

I started my trip by paying a visit to Dinh Cau Temple, which is located in the center of Ngoc island in Duong Dong town. Ding Cau is widely knowns as an intriguing destination in Phu Quoc by its special location and the thrilling legends of this temple. According to the oral story of the local people, the fishermen caught a ferocious storm; the calm ocean became deadly waves, and the winds failed them and the strong currents took them away. The all of sudden, the villagers discovered the cliff and then considered this sacred mountain to build a shrine to pray for divine protection.  Since then, Dinh Cau has been famous for its sanctity. Every year, on big holidays like Lunar New Year, the islanders and boat owners come to the temple to pray for calm waves.

Leaving Dinh Cau, my friends and I continued spending hours along the empty streets and tranquil beaches. I actually relived the sweet memories and left behind all of the hubbub in Ho Chi Minh City. Once again, I received the best gift ever from Phu Quoc which was to watch the glorious sunset.

“Time to eat!” – I shouted out loud to my friends.

We rode back to the city center and decided to have “Bun Quay” for dinner  (Bun Quay is one of the specialties in Phu Quoc , along with Ham Ninh Sea Crabs, Raw Herring Salad…) and then stroll along the night market for fun.

You seem never to visit Phu Quoc without drinking  “Sim” wine (Sim is made from Rose Myrtle, and it is like fermented blackcurrant alcoholic beverage mixed with a flowery scent) . If possible, ask the local to cook the crabs for you in their traditional way and savour the taste from the sea while sipping “Sim” wine to the best.

Watching Phu Quoc growing day by day from a pristine island to the pearl of Vietnam Tourism, I am silently proud of my motherland. Also, I hope that People can preserve the peaceful and natural beauty of Phu Quoc as long as they can in the economic integration and development.

The vacation ended in a simple and intimate conversation with my neighboring kids.

“What makes you like Phu Quoc best?” – The kids innocently asked.

“I feel so lucky to be born and to grow up in the days of a pristine Phu Quoc, I know it has been developing fast and become one of the hot tourist attractions in Vietnam. However, I hope that Phu Quoc can preserve its peaceful and natural beauty ever!”  – I opened up the first time in my life to the kids.

From “Diary of Truc Xinh”

Written: Truc Xinh

Photo & Video: Truc Xinh

Translated: Derek Nguyen

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