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Numbers and Your Personal Development

My father was a full-time lecturer at a well-known university in Saigon for more than 40 years. In my eyes, he is super good at Maths and Physics. The lessons he taught me during my childhood revolved around problems and numbers as well as the principles to deal with them logically. Honestly, I didn’t care about what he said at all and sometimes it was so frustrating and annoying when being lessoned. As a kid, everything he said seemed to be above my head. As a teenager, everything he advised seemed so hard to swallow.

That no one is a prophet in their own land is totally true. What he taught didn’t work on me, but the same things coming from others’ mouths took effect. Throughout more than 15 years in the working world with considerable ups and downs, I started figuring out what my father said and decided to find out insights into the life problems that I have had for years. Surprisingly, the effective approach is not based on any “big” concepts; it is all about Maths; especially the numbers. They are the numbers of one’s personal development, indeed.

“Math is the language of the universe. So the more equations you know, the more you can converse with the cosmos.” – Neil de Grasse Tyson


When a baby is still in his or her mommy’s tummy, doctors will help the parents to predict how big the baby is compared to an average newborn. All anticipations will rely on the keys below:

  • The size of the birth parents
  • How long the mother carried to term
  • The amount of consumed nutrition daily

By following and tracking the indicators, doctors and parents can clearly understand the overall growth of the baby.

When the baby comes into the world, more and more indicating numbers can be listed in the tracking sheet of the newborn. Absolutely, in each development stage, the indicators will correspondingly change.

Numbers can talk! Things which cannot be measured cannot be real! Do you agree with me?


Throughout the years, people seek great work and life development; they create a list of various qualities to acquire. However, they always struggle with the problem related to Quality and Quantity.

They like to have “great and valuable” qualities to thrive in their careers. Unfortunately, the feeling of Liking is not enough; and they do not have any measurements to keep track of their performance. There is no refinement on the way, which leads to no advancement and frustration as well. From frustration to frustration, people will be gradually drawn into a trap of life.

According to Hegel’s assertion, never forget that Quantity changes lead to Quality changes.

The only solution to this problem is to learn how to count!

Doers should start by counting

  • The number of times they practice something with clear purposes,
  • The number of mistakes they make on the journey,
  • The number of mistakes solved by themselves,
  • The number of pieces of advice they get from others,
  • The number of equations they have to figure out to deal with the problem,
  • The number of hours they contribute to finishing what they started and so on.

If people do not know the indicated numbers of what they are doing, they just waste their time and effort.


I still remembered the time I joined a well-known Educational Organization as a Center Manager approximately 8 years ago. What I brought to that organization at that time was just my courage and enthusiasm no more and less. I cannot forget that the reason I was accepted was my Academic knowledge of teaching English to center students and my flexibility; however, my responsibilities didn’t stop at making good use of Academic Knowledge or being flexible to solve problems arising daily; they were mainly about dealing with financial numbers of my center and then coming up with proper solutions to better the numbers day by day, which was done along with managing my staff at the same time.

When it comes to business, financial numbers are of the essence. They help business owners or doers manage the cash flow and live with uncertainty harmoniously; from that, they can anticipate and prevent disruptions, and make their business go well and grow.

Here are the ultimate keys to keep in mind when doing business – Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Overheads, Gross Profit, Taxes, and Net Profit.

These numbers are the basic ones you can find in a simple P&L sheet (Profit and Loss). These numbers can guide the doers to do things properly and keep themselves still in the race. The implied actions beyond numbers are truly important; they reflect how well you understand situations & conditions and how wisely you improvise to make a profit.

Whether or not a business develops strictly requires business doers seriously follow the figures, tactfully read and interpret the numbers, and design actions and activities to help them stay in their games. Somehow it can be considered a work of Art.

Now, I would like you to temporarily put the numbers aside. I have a question for you to answer.

I give you 3 elements – EVENT, REACTION or RESPONSE, and OUTCOME. Which one will you take as the most important one?

  • If you prefer EVENT, you might care too much about the outside factors.
  • If you prefer REACTION/ RESPONSE , you might worry about how to deal with daily occurrences. (Reaction refers to how you deal with problems automatically; whereas, Response indicates your deliberate decision)
  • If you prefer OUTCOME, you seem to be a result-oriented person.

Whatever you choose doesn’t matter, your choice just tells you what situation you are in at the moment.

When EVENT highly obsesses you, you will try your best to learn about them as much as possible. It is like you are trying to satisfy everyone in your life or every customer coming to you. As a result, I reckon that you must get tired soon.

When REACTION/ RESPONSE  does allure to you, you will work hard and do your best to master your skills. However, things never come in the way we expected; you might waste your effort and time.

When OUTCOME is your main focus, you will always stick to it and learn how to flexibly deal with it; actually, you must learn the events coming along the way; you must come up with different Reactions corresponding to the events and leading to the outcome you want.

Whatever you choose among the 3 words aforementioned, it is a math problem, and here below is the equation:


If you have time to look back on the financial numbers above and combine the theory of Event-Reaction-Outcome, you will see what you should do with your business.

OUTCOME here indicates the NET PROFIT.

EVENT can be the other numbers; some of them are variable and the others are fixed.

As for the fixed events, you must learn about them from A to Z. The better you control them, the less risky your business will be.

As for the variable events, you must train your flexibility and endurance so that you can conquer them and then make them your opportunities instead of threats or obstacles. Once your resilience becomes stronger over time, you will get closer and closer to your expected outcome.

REACTION/ RESPONSE can vary from context to context, you cannot force yourself to hastily learn all of them. The only thing you can do is to always reflect on what you have experienced and then learn from them.

Obviously, if you do not know the numbers like Revenue, COGS, Overheads, or Profit, you definitely won’t be able to find out the way to thrive in your business or your life as well.

Numbers never lie,  Learning from numbers is a must, and Dealing with numbers is a work of Art that a person is subjected to!

And if “YOU” is the product and “SELLING YOU” is a business of yours, you are supposed to think in the same way mentioned above!

Let’s learn from your financial numbers!

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