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Money is the answer to everything, isn’t it?

“Money has become the hottest topic over time. It is now the symbol of POWER and WEALTH. There is a funny saying – If there is something that cannot be bought with money, it could be bought with a lot of money. What do you think about it?”

When I was a kid, my parents didn’t teach me much about money. In Vietnamese society at that time, talking about money to children or kids seemed to be inappropriate. That’s the reason why my peers and I did not care much about those powerful notes or bills, which could be seen as the biggest difference between Vietnamese Kids and Western Kids. We did not recognize the true meaning beyond the papers!

When I grew up a bit, I had a chance to be exposed to Western Culture as I followed the bilingual program in Vietnamese and French. I learned that the French do not act, think or behave like the Vietnamese. I brought it into question by myself. Unluckily, I guessed it was too much for a kid at the age of 6!

Time passed and I almost forgot the concern that I raised many years earlier. Celebrating the age of 22, I joined the working world and officially became “a real warrior”. I fought against Life’s challenges as well as ups and downs. Sometimes, I thought that I wanted to give up on that fierce and endless stream of life.  As a destiny, my life savers with strong characters and great mindsets were sent to me as the Angels of God. They respectively helped me solve my problems one by one. My eldest sister is listed as one of them.  She enlightened me with the great notion of MONEY ever!

“People strongly believe that the money they earned and accumulated can help them transform their lives and bring them more riches like well-equipped houses or apartments, luxurious cars, and world-class relationships. That is the reason why people go out every day to hustle and bustle for money. This phenomenon little by little shapes the thought that Money can buy everything.”

“ Anyway, is it all about money?” asked my sister.

“I think that I am like others and I cannot help myself influenced or affected by the power of money in life.” – I innocently replied.

” Why don’t we think about it in another way?” – recommended my sister.

And then she continued her saying: “The money you make can be seen as the symbol of the values that you create in the market. Numbers can talk and it’s true. In business, money can indicate loss and profit which implicitly mention how full and productive you are in the competition that you are playing. As a worker or business owner, you are supposed to keep your eyes on the money you make every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year, and even during your whole working life. That focus will help you adjust your behaviors and thoughts so that you should keep yourself aligned with the market and all the potential and upcoming changes. Thinking as a businessman can help enhance and improve your productivity day by day. Of course, in this case, money might be the key navigation to behave correctly. That’s the reason why Money is said that it is the symbol of your values.  Remember that what I am mentioning is with POSITIVE MANNER and POINTS OF VIEW! Do not get me wrong, huh?”

What she taught me was like a beam of light shining into the darkest century-old cave. And calculations, comparisons, and all connections between money and my values came up. Finally, I found that:

  • A productive business can sustain itself in the market and the communities they are serving for such a long time

  • A productive worker can earn money and even extra money to afford his or her life.

  • A productive person in life can spread his positive energy and inspiration to others.

Certainly, after all the proper attempts you make, you can have a better life quality in return! 


“The Money you make is the symbol of the value you create.”



  • Just simply check your bank account, wallet, or purse right now
  • Think about what you can do best to help others (people around you or businesses), which can generate money
  • Evaluate what you are bringing to the market based on the Opportunities and Threads of the competition
  • Take proper actions
  • Never give up until you recognize your true values in the market – DO NOT REST ON YOUR LAURELS!

Written by: Derek Nguyen

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