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Modernization and Technologization

ChatGPT can be the keyword that people all over the world are now using in their daily conversations. In other words, it has been the talk of the town without any doubt. Some are very excited because of the astonishing intelligence of the OpenAI machine, and others are quite anxious about the upcoming threats to the current labor force.


Life changes, the world changes, and our society changes every single day. You might be the same but your surroundings will never be the same. How long haven’t you noticed the small changes around you? Can you still find your hometown, your favorite places, your family members, your friends, and your colleagues the same as they were before? Actually, the answer is “NO”. It’s called “Life” and C’est la vie in French.

If you deliberately observe the world you live in, you can tell that Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter will come and go, following the principles of nature. For what it’s worth, changes in the world arise every cycle of seasons. There are just 4 seasons of the year, 28-31 days of the month, 7 days of the week, and 24 hours of the day; however, there won’t be the same “You” over time. In other words, you have to grow older, wiser or not, richer or not, skillful or not, and mature or not. You might say that you are the same throughout the years, but it is not true. Your scenarios just revolve around the only binary results – BETTER or WORSE. You might find some excuses to dismiss my arguments; in fact, you will never be able to go against the truth. Stop deceiving yourself – my friends!

Today might be the best day of yours up to now, but you cannot ensure 100% it will last forever. Tomorrow things change and your life can go upside down. What are you supposed to do? Blame yourself, blame your life, or blame somebody else? I am trying to help you understand that Nothing is Forever. You might be satisfied with what you have today, but your thoughts will change when the sun rises again. Therefore, the magic is “To keep yourself fully informed and engaged no matter how dramatically the world changes”. Remember that you are never allowed to rest on your laurels.


I bet that AI Technology is not a new term or something too broad or big to understand. However, can you recognize the dramatic changes that AI technology has been bringing to our modern lives? If your answer is “a big No”, you actually are “an authentic technophobe”. Please move your ass, get down to the earth, and learn the new technology. Keep in mind that you are living in the twenty first century, in the IR 4.0, and in the era of high technology. You are supposed to highly recognize that machines or robots have been replacing you if you are still out there having fun and resting on your laurels.

Have you ever seriously listed down what a machine or a robot can do these days?

  • Machines were placed in factories or plants to replace unskilled labor and boost the plants and factories’ outcomes and productivity.
  • Household machines become more and more common in middle-class and high-class families. Do they still need ordinary housemaids?
  • Information machines are set up in bookstores;  Automatic Ordering Machines become the spotlight of  McDonald’s in Saigon; and even Self Service Check-in Machines are placed at many airports all over the world. What do they mean?

If you think that you are young, you have your physical strength, and you have a “super” memory; you are still unemployed. The world and your society will never need an employee without any skills or having no superior skills compared to the existing machines in the market.

What helps you survive a tough scenario like this? How can you find your way out while coping with technological development?

The only thing you can do is to train yourself to possess “ACTIVE INFORMATION”. Let me make it easier for you to figure out the situation. If you are well catching up with the news about chatGPT, you can learn that the OpenAI machine can answer most of the questions from its users. It is programmed to provide solutions like a human for what it’s worth. The language it uses sounds quite natural; in some situations, you cannot distinguish the answers from a real human or a machine. It’s a shred of very clear evidence that chatGPT can threaten low-level consultants. Do you think so?

Now, if you think that you will try harder, give up on your interests or hobbies, and then learn days and nights to fight against the OpenAI machine; forget it – you cannot defeat that machine.

I used to explain the levels of communication in the article – What is the Core of Communication? (*). There are 4 levels of communication: Providing Information, Exchanging Information, Presenting and Influencing, and Negotiating. If you have once tried ChatGPT, you can easily find that the OpenAI machine has already reached nearly level 2 of communication. It can analyze and recognize the keywords in your questions to select the information that fits your requests. Don’t forget that the input the OpenAi machine is learning is very broad; it seems like the machine is absorbing the world’s entire library.  Is there any chance left for you in this battle? – The answer is “YES, OF COURSE!”

The machine can learn everything in the world including facts, conceptual knowledge, procedural knowledge, and even metacognitive knowledge available on the internet. However, they cannot create any new concepts, new procedures, or new metacognitive knowledge. That’s your chance. If you want to differentiate yourself from a machine, you need to activate your brain and let it work properly. You are supposed to work harder and harder, experience more and more things in life, take risks, fail, and taste the failures on your own; you, at that time, can build up your mental and intellectual inner strength. What you can see is not only the theory in textbooks, it is called “Insight”. Insight cannot be found easily on the internet or from any sources. Insight is the result of a thinking process or data analyzing process. Insight in this case is named “ACTIVE INFORMATION”.

How can you possess “Active Information”?

Step 1: Do your best to upgrade yourself, and broaden your knowledge every single day. You can read books, articles, or any documents related to your working industry, your job, and the world or society.

Step 2: Read to understand, not just to collect information like a machine. Read and think about it, and connect it with your past and current experiences. Do your best to find out the connections.

Step 3: Use the connections to solve your problems or others’ problems to double-check your understanding

Step 4: Keep doing it until it becomes your habit

Active Information will appear then when you strictly follow the aforementioned 4 steps.

You are living in a high-technology world, you are meant to train yourself to live in harmony with Technology and also learn how to stand on the shoulders of giants!


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