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Is Success The Greatest Obsession in Life?

In the previous article, I used to mention that I am not successful and I cannot give you any formula or equation of Success. However, I can be so sure of your failures if you are still demonstrating the 4 features below in your work life.

    1. Looking for Perfection
    2. Being trapped by  the feeling of “So much to do, So little done”
    3. Choosing to be Invisible
    4. Slavishly Copying what Successful people did


# Problem 3: Choosing to be Invisible

Many people strongly believe that Good wine needs no bush. It might be right centuries ago, however, life is now changing so fast and is being led and greatly influenced by Media. If you are qualified or so good enough, you still need to know how to properly PR yourself to the right audiences. In other words, you are highly supposed to transform “Your Intangible” to ” Your Tangible”.

In this context, you will bring “Your Intangible” into question and want to find out what it is.


First of all, I would like you to look into factors making a complete product in the market.

Normally, you think that a consumer or customer just cares about what a product looks like, how it performs, and how it is programmed to engage consumers and customers in a real experience. You normally tend to focus on and build up showy and shiny stuff, and also overlook the rest of the journey.

Honestly, what is aforementioned is just a part of a complete product. In the 21st century, if you want a product to get approval from customers or consumers, you need to do something further.

  • Awareness
    • Your product might be good or unique somehow. However, customers or consumers from distance cannot know it and might neglect the product you’re proud of. The question is how to make it “VISIBLE” and “TANGIBLE” towards its potential or target customers. The answer is PR and Advertising. The more it appears on social media the more it is recognized by its large audience of consumers.
  • Education
    • After being recognized by its consumers, what is the next? Yes, you are supposed to educate your customers so that they can realize how wonderful your product is and then value your product. There will be a series of content on the website, blog, demo or trial, and email to emphasize the SOLUTION your product is bringing the target customers in the competition.
  • Acquisition
    • Once your target customers can recognize your product in the market, understand and recognize its true values. They should be told how to get it! And remember it is not the end of the journey.
  • Onboarding
    • The product is now with your customers. They need your initial help and support through How-to videos, Tips, Manuals, Quick Guides, etc…
  • Usage
    • You cannot tell that your customers feel satisfied with your product until it demonstrates what you advertised and PR before. It’s the time your product obtains personal recommendations. In this stage, if you release any updated versions, please get them well-informed. Your customers always expect that the product’s lifespan is not too short!
  • Support
    • Inconvenience or Interruption during use should be promptly solved. Obviously, the role of the Call Center will come into play.
  • Loyalty
    • Your products will reach more and more new customers and consumers through ratings and reviews. Don’t forget to keep the current customers staying with you as long as they can with “SURPRISING” and “HIGHLY CONSIDERATE” promotions and loyalty rewards.

As you can see, factors contributing to a successful and complete product are not only about DESIGN, UX (User Experience) , and PERFORMANCE. There is more than that! When you can ensure that all aspects of your product can be visible to your target customers. Congratulations, your product is COMPLETELY TANGIBLE!

(Reference: Chapter 3.1- Make the Intangible Tangible – Author: Tony Fadell)

Case 2 | Giving a “Right” shoutout to your customers at every stage to boost your traffic and sales

As for your personal branding, you are supposed to do the same things. Always think of yourself as a product in the market, and your job is to PR that product effectively to the “end-users” (employers, business partners, colleagues, and external customers). Let’s match the aforementioned aspects of a product with yours.

The key to making yourself  “Tangible” as you expected is to give a right shout-out to every single individual coming across you online or in person. From now on, you have to be thoughtful in every action if you don’t want somebody to get you wrong. Here are the steps you might follow:

Step 1: Review all of your social accounts and ensure that they are promoting YOUR TRUE SELF, not something Temporary or Lack of Consideration.

Step 2: Start sharing your beliefs and prove them through your behaviors and actions. Remember to keep consistency in words and actions without fail.

Step 3: Ensure that you are not seclusive unless you want to be excluded from the game. If you are still in, make yourself reachable and contactable.

Step 4: People just really feel “you” when they live with you, talk to you, witness the ways you deal with problems at work and in life, experience working with you, feel surprised or upset because of you, and so on. In this stage, your values will be reflected through your sharing and actions.

Step 5: Set a certain time to zip your mouth and listen to positive and negative reviews from people around you. Then make necessary adjustments.

All these things will contribute to making yourself “Tangible” in the eyes of your potential employers, partners, colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.

#Problem 4: Slavishly Copying what Successful people did

Before drilling into details, I would like to remind you that You can copy all, but you will always be one step behind. It means that you can learn the Success formulas from people all over the world like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk, or people around you like your immediate day-to-day bosses or managers, your immediate co-workers, and even your subordinates. Their ideas, somehow, definitely influence your thinking and behaviors. Your gut tells you to copy the same ways they did; in fact, you usually imagine the scenario of being successful like them. It means that you can think like them, you can act like them, and you can reap benefits and rewards like them. Afterward, there’s just a small percentage of individuals who can get what they want whereas you keep failing and just want to get rid of yourself then. What could be the true resolution for you?

I cannot guarantee what I am showing you then is 100% RIGHT; anyway, I used my observations and experiences to explain the common failure cycle. I named the problem “The Triple A”.

  1. Adopt: When you come across any new ideas in life, you are supposed to understand their true meaning, functions, and application. If not, you cannot adopt those new ideas. What I mean is to encourage you to understand the root of something instead of playing on its surface. Remember to know what you are learning and pursuing from A to Z before accepting and using it. You cannot tell the nature of what you are using until you get enough practice in the real life. [ Adopt = Understand + Practice] 
  2. Adapt: Once you accumulate enough results or evidence of your actions,  you will see clearly how successfully they can be applied in your contexts and situations. It’s time for you to make proper adjustments to bring them to life. [Adapt = Apply + Adjust] 
  3. Amplify: Good things need spreading and amplifying. If you are subtle, flexible, and curious enough, you will manage to see the through-line among things and events in life. The ones who can find that through-line will see things better and make more efficient decisions and more accurate actions. [Amplify = Connect + Infer] 

Real Life Story: I bet that it’s easy for you to recognize how successful and powerful the big brands, which are Apple Computer Inc, Google, Tesla, and Unilever..,  are in the eyes of their consumers, customers, and admirers. In their train of success, many start-up companies and other businesses hunger for their success formulas and try to copy and imitate the ways they did. However, nobody can tell whether or not 100% of them succeed as they expected. If they succeeded, I reckon that you would have one more successful formula up to now. Obviously, in the case of Apple, many digital and electronic companies try to copy and create the same things that Apple did; however, they are just called “A REPLICA”. Moreover, It might be that people are using products from Apple’s competitors because they cannot afford Apple’s, but the brand name of APPLE already became the talk of the town and still haunt most users in the world. How come? It’s simply that Apple is the Real Pioneer. Remember that you can stand on the shoulders of Giants, but you need to differentiate yourself from them.

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