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How to Boost Your Reading Skills

What is the latest book you’ve read? or How long haven’t you read a new book? are the very first questions you have to answer before exploring the tactics to boost your reading skills.

” There is no friend as loyal as a book”.

It needs hardly to be hinted at why fewer and fewer young people and students read books now in the 4.0 era. The presence and blooming of technology make people lazier and lazier. They prefer something more convenient and easy to do, especially requiring less effort.  Reading books is just done only at school or if highly required. Little by little the young generations put this skill aside and simply see it as a task no more no less.

Why is Reading Books important to all of us?

  • There are no experienced teachers who can teach you everything you need or lack.
  • There are no exclusive sources that can help you solve all of your problems.
  • There are no excellent advisors who can be full-time by your side to promptly give you support.

Answer: You’re the only person who can bring the whole world’s library to yourself by non-stop reading books. You are the only person in charge of recognizing your problems, then looking for a proper source of solutions, and solving the problems.  If possible, you’d better be dependent on yourself!

Why do you need to read books?

  • Read to get yourself updated on the latest news or information
  • Read to help yourself better your language
  • Read to train your reading skills for a test

Answer: Reading is an inevitable activity in daily life,  school life, and work life. Different situations lead you to different purposes. Certainly, you are highly required to apply various techniques and tactics while reading books or documents.  Only if you figure out the reason why you must read, can you come up with proper actions!


Written by: Derek Nguyen

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