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Educating a student from the beginning to the end of his or her learning journey requires much effort from not only teachers but also parents. 

Along with Parenting Education, teachers play an important role in building student abilities.  From the early days of kindergarten through college and university, teaching is not an easy job. Being a teacher goes beyond just teaching. 

A professional teacher is not playing the only role of teaching or imparting knowledge to students; they are supposed to be able to do something further for their students.  They seem to be the ones who can help their students with character building by being a role model. Moreover, they cannot stop finding a better version of themselves every single day since they are supposed to be a source of inspiration and advice to their students during their learning journey. 

What a professional teacher can do is to “Instill a love of learning in students.” 

With that mission, professional teachers in IR 4.0 need to deal with the great challenges of leading and training students and aligning teaching and processes with technological advancements at the same time. They have to dominate information technology and utilize technology-based teaching. In fact, That’s a big challenge for those who are not ready for new technologies!

That’s about the technological aspect. When it comes to the core of teaching, a professional or skilled teacher should be able to deliver 2 key elements below: 

  • Be an effective instructor in class – Teachers are supposed not only to teach knowledge to students but also guide them to form a solid core accomplishment, which means they have to facilitate the learning process and lead students step by step to reach their educational objectives. 
  • Give “Student-centered” feedback and feedforward – When teachers want to develop a student, the most important thing is their assessments and evaluations which should be constructive, not destructive. In other words, teachers have to deliver both feedback and feedforward. They must be “Student-centered”. 

To break it down, teachers strictly follow these 4 steps: 

  1. UNDERSTAND “THEIR WHO” – figure out and find out who your students are. This “WHO” will reflect the family background and educational background. 
  2. GET “THEIR WHY” – learn the students’ educational objectives or simply what they truly need for their education and training.
  3. LIST DOWN “WHAT THEY’VE GOT” – make a list of their strong points, weak points, and time budget.
  4. DESIGN “WHAT THEY’LL EXPERIENCE WITH YOU” – clarify stages to complete with specific purposes and assessment criteria.

All of the aforementioned ideas should be reflected in a special document called A NEED ANALYSIS. 

When the training sessions start, teachers should continuously keep track of student performance and make assessments carefully. Each stage with clear objectives must be aligned with the assessments. Clearly, there are basically 4 stages to complete from Remembering, Understanding, and Practicing, to Applying. 

During the training process, teachers should bear in mind that Textbook learning is not enough. It’s just a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition. Students need something more than that. 

There is a saying: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” 

Students need to be definitely engaged in their learning journey and see clearly what they can do in reality. And finally, they can make proper applications. Here below are 4 key actions to do for students: 

  1. Let your students recognize and remember the very basic knowledge.
  2. Keep your students practicing to better their understanding. 
  3. Step by step help them connect what they learned with reality.
  4. Encourage them to apply what they learned as much as they can in real life. 

“ Problems and Obstacles actually come one day. Never give up on your students and teaching despite the hardship. If you get lost on that day, remind yourself why you want to be a teacher. Keep moving forward!

Success will come at the end of your true journey if you are dedicated and determined enough.

Just enjoy the whole process and smile when you bear the fruits of your efforts!”


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