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Finishing What You Start

“Following through and finishing what you start will always call for sacrifice.” – Peter Hollins

I seriously re-read this saying a dozen times and I was wondering whether it was true in all cases. It took me a couple of hours to get an affirmed “Yes”.  However, one question which has been incredibly haunting me for weeks is the “Sacrifice”. What is it? and What does it cost?

What can cause setbacks?

As a visiting college instructor, I have great opportunities to work and deal with different groups of students aged from 18 up to 30+. Each of them is carrying out a totally different life and career objectives; and actually, there exist many stories behind them. Some are carrying heartrending stories, some are trying to escape from their own tragedies, and some are ẹnjoying the colorful stories that they are effortfully creating for themselves. Among the stories I have ever heard, a few of them needed to come to an end because the story owners wanted to give up and had no courage to move forward. Besides, there are some individuals not being able to afford the exorbitant price of their dreams and ambitions.

Reaching the age of 37, I have recently contemplated things and the people surrounding me. I start questioning myself about what is going on with those things and people out there. Sometimes, I imagine that I become stationary in a hectic world where people are rushing to enjoy things, do things, and obtain things. I wish I could have a stopwatch in my hand and make the time stop passing so that I can have more time to explore the truth standing behind each individual that I’ve known for years.

During 3 years of the Covid Pandemic, I witnessed incredible changes in the community, the labor market, and the labor force. Covid 19 was likely to massively change the course of life. As a result, things become more definitely challenging and cost us more to obtain them. “Sacrifice” officially appears and sets us thinking so hard to make “right” decisions for ourselves. And what is more, “dirty” media partially contribute to constructing a “funny” and notorious chaos. The resonance effect of these factors makes people more and more vulnerable and weak when coping with their life plans and ambitions.

There appear more and more hilarious events in daily life; for example, a  leader of a well-known conglomerate has a quite negative bias against a major and then spread his bias to students of a university in Ho Chi Minh; or tiktokers who have no professional training make assessments on education, food, and services as an expert or specialist. Also, some organizations want to attract and get more business, they are willing to pay more for media to publicize and spread biased and unfounded articles for their own sake.

As recipients in such a chaotic community, we are subject to attacks of false information and deceitfulness. If we do not have a great defense system, we will probably be defeated and softly killed in “This Game of Life”.

So, how can a person finish what he or she started?

To be able to finish what an individual started required two key factors: High Resilience and Effective Critical Thinking. Why do I say so?

Colin Powell said that there are no secrets to success; It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. However, if you just receive the saying and follow it out of force of habit; you might fall into a serious pitfall and then give up due to a situation-awareness shortage.

Every time I read or come across any quotes or sayings, I often stop for a while and start analyzing them. I force myself so hard to find out the core actions to take. I do not want to touch them on the surface. Instead, I must dig deeper into them and do my best to answer the question of HOW.

Here below is the sequence of questions I often ask myself:

Resilience can be gradually formed when an individual can truly recognize his or her “hard thing”. This hard thing is a S.M.A.R.T.E.R. objective that can bring that person to another higher level in life or at work. Then, he or she is supposed to well recognize the signposts along the way which can motivate himself or herself to keep moving forward indeed. At the same time, Luck and Risk should be mentioned together as great companions. Seeing both Luck and Risk can keep an individual on track and purely objective during the journey. References can be counted as a great and effective factor to nourish and enhance one’s resilience to fight against hardship and kick away setbacks. Last but not least, plans to keep oneself away from pitfalls and depression are definitely prominent.

According to the aforementioned sequential activities of building one’s resilience, it is obvious that an individual is meant to sharpen his or her critical thinking and acquire it at a certainly decent level. To reach the level of understanding things surrounding us in whole or in part, an individual must accumulate complex knowledge and skills.

I will give you an example to explain what I have mentioned above. Let’s say that you really want to run a business that is yours and 100% belongs to you. You might have great enthusiasm at the beginning. However, that “fire” faded uncontrollably over time. One day, you look back on it and learn that there is no willingness left for it. And you totally give up. After that, you come across something very intriguing and it might be a trend in your community; and then you divert your attention to it and start following it with the hope of being successful. Unfortunately, you fall into the same pitfall before and then you give up again. It is commonly seen as the tacit formula of Failure.

In this case, Resilience is the combination of Effort, Ulterior Motives, and Perseverance and it is driven by Critical Thinking. If you have the ability to well describe what is going to yourself and the things surrounding you, then analyze it in detail, and make an evaluation of it at the end; you will be able to heal your soul and train it unbreakable and defeatable.

In other words, you can never finish what you start unless you are knowledgeable about what you are doing, aware of Luck and Risk coming along the way, and able to heal your soul; you will go nowhere indeed. However, if you have accumulated good knowledge and references, well acknowledge and anticipate Luck and Risk arising; just do it right away to pursue your ambition. During your journey, stop to help yourself fully recharge and then continue fighting against setbacks and hardship!

I do not know when you will be successful, but I can tell that you fail when you stop trying and exploring!

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