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Beware of Your Mighty Words

Unsubstantiated Counselling from  “Tiktok Idols”, Deceitful advertising from celebrities on social media, and Misleading advice from “Sharks” and “High-level leaders” of some organizations and cooperations have been perplexing “us” lately.

Things become harder and more complicated thanks to their “help”. Right and Wrong are badly mixed and it’s hard for us to differentiate what is what in our daily circumstances. Chaos in mind is the inevitable consequence of  Information Indigestion (I.I).

What are you supposed to do in this “trap” of life? Did you recognize the “deadly” weapon that those people are using?

Of course,   it’s not a real weapon like daggers, swords, guns, or radioactive gas; it is all about their words –  “MIGHTY WORDS“.

“Words can be more powerful than Weapons.”


Before moving to detailed explanations, there is a question that each of us is meant to answer – Have you ever noticed the key reason for any broken relationships or rough relationships?

You might say that it can be deceitful behaviors, betrayal, or dishonesty. Above all, the hidden factor is “NEGATIVE WORDS”.

There are various shades to describe the commonly heard negative words; they might be “cruel”, “hurtful“, “stinging“, and “spiteful”. For what it’s worth, people often use negative words to intentionally or unintentionally hurt others and themselves as well. Indeed, the spoken negative words are for the speakers themselves instead of the listeners; additionally, they clearly reflect the tragedies or bitter experiences they encountered before in their lives.

Reading the book Breaking the Power of Negative Words written by Mary C. Busha set me thinking about my words and others’ words day and night. The lesson learned here is to Beware of Your Mighty Words. They are carrying a terribly lethal force than you can ever imagine!


There have been so many Tiktoker-related scandals since Tiktok, a social media platform, boomed in Vietnam. By its nature, Tiktok  is not toxic or harmful as a majority thinks; however, it’s gradually tarnished by some Tiktokers and their misleading or purposefully-attacking content.

Not long ago many Tiktokers suggested high school graduates not to major in English Language because of their wrong understanding. Alternatively, high school graduates should pursue learning IELTS and spend 3 or 4 years of college and university  completing another major, which can bring them a job immediately after finishing their 3-or-4-year degree courses.

The story didn’t end there; moreover, there have been more and more articles seeding the wrong mindset about not only the major in English Language but also Interpretation and Translation on the Internet. They wove improbable and even false stories with certain purposes that haven’t been revealed yet.

Above all, it’s very shocking and sad to hear an unfounded confirmation about the major in the English Language from a chairman of a well-known company in Ho Chi Minh City. He firmly confirmed that hardly can students majoring in English to find a job nowadays! I goggled and couldn’t help myself shut my mouth when coming across that talk show for Gen Z. Finally, part of the talk show turned into a great opportunity for the chairman and other CEOs to show off and promote themselves instead of coaching the students as they were destined to do.

I was wondering if he could recognize how much his words would influence college and university students majoring in English Language. The consequences might not appear right away, but it is like a smoldering fire inside the “victims”. “What a shame” was what I could utter at that moment.

Reading the articles and Watching the talk show did remind me of the saying – “Speak only when you are sure that your words are better than your silence.”


Not only do negatively mighty words account for misunderstanding and irrational interpretation of everything around you, but also harsh words can badly affect your intimate relationships.

There is no doubt that many parents-and-children relationships become more and more rocky due to the words used in fierce arguments. Some of them could find out the right potion to heal their strained or broken relationships, but others couldn’t. There have been many bitter regrets lasting to the end of their lives.

Let me share my own story with you. I was born in a family of 6 people, and I have 3 siblings – one older sister, one older brother, and one younger sister. I learned that my older sister and brother were born in a rough time, the transition from the old regime to the new one. That’s why my parents usually said that I was brought up in good conditions compared with my older siblings. Hence, if possible, they tried to make it up to my older siblings. I can understand their ulterior motive when I grew up. However, the ways they treated us were not the same, my older brother always got more support and empathy than I did. Everything I asked for an explanation, what I received never changed over time – He needed more help than I did!

Indeed, these words terribly engraved in my mind for years. I always reminded myself of working hard and doing my best, the only one who can help me is “me”. Clearly, there was a long time I didn’t get along with my parents due to their words. The words of UNFAIRNESS and INEQUITY.

I am now feeling better; however, I am still bearing an indelible mark on my heart, mind, and soul whenever somebody deliberately or unintentionally digs it up.

You cannot measure how terrible your words might affect others. You can say “I didn’t mean to hurt you”, but you already did anyway.

Once you injure others with words, you cannot take them back as you think. Saying Sorry is not a radical and rational solution; conversely, help yourself not to say Sorry as much as possible!


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