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Be Wise or Go Wild in a Chaotic Life?

What will happen if you can choose what will happen in your life?

That’s the question I never ask myself because I learned that life is accompanied by pleasure and hardship.

However, humans are likely to spend their lifetime finding out success or happiness equations. They are alluring to what is called magic and miracles. And then,  they sometimes struggle with their pains and failures in life. When they make great achievements, they start marketing the pleasure they have got and diminish the challenges as well as difficulties they already experienced when somebody asks them about their success formulas.

Life is actually a play, you will see that people around you can laugh in front of you, and then sob behind your back; they can look very strong when they are with you, and turn desperate when you leave them; they might say that they can deal with Risks, but they, in fact, prefer Luck!  These are the truths, but can you tell?

What is going on with people? What am I supposed to do to keep myself awake in this crazy world? How can I survive and thrive as I expected? – The questions used to keep haunting me for years, but then the solution gradually manifested when I came across the saying – “Still Waters Run Deep!”

Blindfolding yourself and learning to see things with your true wisdom

Do you still remember the feeling of playing blindfolding when you were a child? How could you win the game when you were blindfolded? What senses did you use but not your sight?

We are born with 5 senses – Sight, Smell, Taste, Hearing, and Touch. However, the most essential element is our wisdom. Wisdom here indicates the knowledge and experience we have been accumulating for years to support our decision-making process. If you were a master of playing blindfolding, you actually knew that when you were blindfolded, you needed not only your other senses but also knowledge and experience to find where other players were hiding and then catch them.

The blindfolding game does remind us not to solely rely on the senses to make decisions. What we sense might be deceitful, or distracting, and even distorted; we had better use our proper wisdom to help us recognize the situations we are in, the obstacles we encounter, and the opportunities we might have.

Remember that if we just solely rely on the senses, we might be played or fooled by others. Wisdom can be the torchlight in the dark!


Wisdom means more than Wisdom itself!

When it comes to wisdom, people usually overestimate it and see it as something hard to achieve. Anyway, I have observed and read some materials about Wisdom Exploration, and I learned that wisdom is not too broad or big as we thought. It begins well being formed when a person can see through himself or herself.

To see through oneself, here below are the top 3 factors:

  1. Background
  2. Biases
  3. Behaviors

Acknowledging your unique background, which is contributed by genetic inheritance, parental influences, education, and life experiences,  is a very good start during your journey of exploring and forming your true wisdom. Every single person on earth shares a different and unique background, even siblings coming from the same family, sharing the same parents still have dissimilar backgrounds.

Due to the different backgrounds, people tend to flock together with the same color allies. They find it hard to collaborate with the ones not speaking the same language. Also due to the different backgrounds, the mutual understanding needs and requires much effort and actions. Biases and Prejudices towards surrounding things and people can be their great burdens and obsessions in life. Once a bias or prejudice is officially and seriously formed, people prefer avoiding and running away rather than coping and living with it. As a result, they might miss fresh perspectives or opportunities to break through. In those cases, people strongly believe that they are wise enough when recognizing and avoiding obstacles; however, their wisdom, in fact, is limited by their habits of taking action and making decisions.

For example, when a person grew up with the belief that hardworking people will be successful, they have a tendency to like hardworking people and prefer working or being close to them. They might not truly communicate with lazy or bone-idle ones. If they repeat their liked actions over time, they will build up a barrier and then even prejudice toward lazy people. One day, they are supposed to collaborate or manage the lazy or bone-idle, they will get frustrated and even stressed out. Their potential decision might be to decruit those from the team or do something to kick the lazy away. In this scenario, everything is done with personal feelings and negative biases.

Biases are not too bad by their nature and as we used to think. Biases refer to particular something or somebody that people prefer in life. If they acknowledge their biases, they will consider them twice before taking any action. Biases are not the enemy of wisdom, it is part of the real wisdom. Knowing your biases in life can bring you fresh perspectives and help you listen more attentively to your surroundings!

As I mentioned above, once you can recognize all the influences that contribute to your background, you will manage yourself to take the right action towards your biases in life.

And, what happens then? – Yeah, you are well controlling your behaviors and keeping yourself away from the natural mischievousness.

Overall, to well interact with favorite or unfavorable things, expectations or unexpectations, luck or risks, and well-known or unknown stories, let’s remember the saying – Still Waters Run Deep, and then take the right actions.




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