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In 2019, the Covid pandemic struck the entire world and impressed us with a huge death toll, approximately 6,919,334 cases. That uncertainty immediately sent the whole world into darkness and dead silence. It took us nearly 3 years to get over that terrifying disaster. However, life is never in peace; the pandemic was gone, and the threat of technological advancement appeared then.

ChatGPT came up with the threat of unemployment and the challenge of upgrading, innovating, and improving what each individual has. However, ChatGPT is just a signal, not a threat indeed. From that example, we can learn that every day brings new and remarkable feats done and achieved by machines and robots. That fact sets people thinking a lot about the future – Will machines and robots edge us out of brain jobs? Should we keep changing? According to the latest UN DESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs) data, it shows that the world population will reach 9.8 billion people, and over 6 billion people in the working age by 2050. Meanwhile, we are already struggling to find decent employment for 71 million young people all over the world.

In business, we are dealing with the same thing called “CHANGE”.  The trend of green energy and sustainable business has challenged many businesses in the world to innovate their products and services e.g. more electric and less gasoline vehicles; norms and principles in green manufacturing; agreements between nations to protect and maintain the natural environment… Based on the changes in the macro environment, businesses need to change. If businesses change, people have to change too.

So many continuous changes come and cause all of us to keep moving forward. However, we can easily recognize that people agree with changes on the surface only; but deep inside they are still resistant to changes.  People know the role of changes, but they are reluctant to take them and sometimes neglect them. Why?

What makes people say “No” to Changes? What are the hidden reasons they are not willing to share when it comes to Changes in Life?


Honestly, nobody likes changes because changes bring them uncertainties, and sometimes the uncertainties will become risks. What happens when risks appear?

  • Risks bring disadvantages to the present time
  • Risks bring uncontrollable stress
  • People might lose what they have like jobs, money, time, effort, freedom, and power.

These will change the current situation in which people are now feeling comfortable or safe.

Defensive reactions are the first things that come up when changes happen in life or at work. At the same time, with unfounded predictions, people will draw a dark picture and cause their fear. From that, there will be a thousand stories dramatically woven. The hidden message of the stories indicates denial and resistance.

Nevertheless, there is one gnawing question – When do changes often happen?

In business or daily life, I acknowledge that people or businesses will make changes when they are in financial troubles e.g. the revenue is going down, their lives are going to a dead-end, or in a crisis… In these situations, people and business owners will think about changes. It’s easy to understand that a majority of them struggle with changes and find it difficult to make changes come true or successfully deliver changes.


Changes or Innovations mean the introduction and adoption of new things,  ideas, or ways of doing something. The new will totally replace the old in the market or at the present.

Changes or Innovations need time to appear. For example, we all know that the Internet was created and used in the US Army so many years ago. Before, it was internally used in the Army, it was not popular among the general public. However, when the Internet was introduced to the public, and then it gradually became familiar to every individual; the Internet brought good conditions to develop digital things like digital cameras, digital pictures, digital documents, and so on. Many old technologies like compact discs, film cameras, and old-generation mobile phones have come to the end of their lives, even though they used to be powerful in the market.  Throughout the stories, we can learn that changes are not  Daily To-do Things. Therefore, you shouldn’t count it as a stressor. Instead, think of it as a transition or a milestone.



Besides Changes and Innovations, Improvements should be kept in mind. They are what we are supposed to do daily. You cannot get a better result if you keep doing the same thing over time or day by day. Do you agree?

There is a famous saying – “If you always do what you‘ve always done, youll always get what you‘ve always got.” Our surroundings never remain unchanged, so we have no excuses for being the same version of ours yesterday. To make it clearer, you cannot deny the fact that you can earn more when you are more. You might be selling a cup of coffee, the cup of coffee costs 15 thousand dongs. If you want to earn more per cup of coffee, that cup of coffee should be better or different. The better quality or differences here can be:

  • Better ingredients
  • Better recipes
  • Better packages
  • Better places
  • Better services

It means that daily improvements will bring you better results. Do not try to get me wrong when I say that daily improvements will bring you better results. When I use the word – Improvements, I want to indicate something new and profitable based on what you had in the past or have at present.

The mindset can be applied to products (tangible) and services (intangible).

If you ask me what to focus on when you want to make improvements to Products and Services, look at the tables below:

To have the right milestones or transitions at work or in life, you need to improve what you have and do daily. Remember that Innovations and Improvements are great buddies, they succeed each other along the whole development journey.

Changes are not as terrifying as you thought. Making Changes, Innovations, and Improvements are Laws if a person or a business plans to grow and develop. If you plan to go against the laws, you will hurt yourself or lose more than you think. That is the same lesson learned from Fujifilm, Kodak, Nokia, Sony Ericson, etc…

To stay in the market longer, you are highly recommended to “LEARN MORE – BE MORE”. Then you will “EARN MORE”.

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